Theatrical Services And Equipment

Nelson Enterprises Theatrical Supply company offers a full range of theatrical services and equipment including lighting, sound, draperies, rigging, staging, production, design, consulting, and custom manufacturing. We work with top manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the best quality at the best value. Our team of professionals can assist you in determining what products will best fit your specific needs and desires.

Services We Provide

Here at Nelson Enterprises we strive to provide the necessary services to get your event, production or show up and running. We install, setup, and help you maintain the equipment.

  • Draperies Services - We assist in laying out, installing, treating or cleaning the draperies.
  • Lighting Services - We assist in providing new and inovative fixtures, consoles, relay racks and dimming systems along with installation of the product.
  • Sound Services - We help setup sound consoles, tune the room and provide custom sound absorbing panels for the area it will reside.
  • Staging Services - We provide portable stages such as the 4X4 biljax platforms and other portable stages.
  • Maintenance Services - We come out and help troubleshoot. We also repair damaged equipment.

Products We Offer

Nelson enterprises provides the following product ranges. From lighting equiptment to gel to bulbs to effects.

  • Lighting Equipment - Lighting Board, Fixtures both Conventinal and LED, Bulbs, Wiring, Gels, Safety Cables, C-Clamp
  • Sound - Sound board, Speakers, Microphones and Wiring
  • Draperies - Theatrical Curtains and Theatrical window curtains
  • Stage Makeup and Effects-  Liquid, Cake, Grease, Fake Blood, Spirit Gum, Scaring Liquid, ect.
  • Tape - Spike tape, Gaffers Tape, Board Marking Tape, ect.
  • Effects - Snow, Confetti
  • Wires - Power, Sound both 3Pin XLR and 1/4", and DMX control

We offer a lot more not listed here.

Purchasing and Renting Equipment

Not only do we work with a number of manufacturers as a licensed Dealer for resale, we also rent equipment.

Contact Nelson Enterprises for more information and assistance in meeting you needs.